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thru 9/20/2023 games

No APP - no Feed

Gentle reminder that despite what it may look like, we do not have an App to access our database information.  If you are using an App that looks like it is us, it is not.  We will not receive any information you provide to the people running that Application.

All of our scores are sourced first by the AP, then by users sending the information to us through the website.

Any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Seeding Tiebreaker Change

After reviewing the change to the Tiebreaker Margin regarding applying Head to Head (H2H) results that was implemented last year (2022-23), an adjustment has been made.

Teams will need to be within double the Tiebreaker Margin (2xTM) in order to apply a H2H result for seeding purposes This is an adjustment from H2H always being applied regardless of QRF value difference


QRF values are calculated.  Tiebreaker Margin is 4.5.  2xTM  = 9.0

Team A = 45.8
Team B = 34.7

Team B beat Team A during the regular season.  Last year, Team B would be seeded above Team A.  This season Team A retains the higher seed.

Team A = 45.8
Team B = 37.8

Team B beat Team A during the regular season.  Team B would be seeded above Team A both last year and this year.

All other parts of the seeding process remain the same.

For full information, please see Tiebreaker Margin link in the Seeding menu above.

Next QRF calculation

All sports calculate about 10 AM daily


Volleyball Tournament Results

We can't post a score to the database without having the game in the schedule.  For Volleyball Tournaments, this makes it difficult because the results earlier in the day determine the schedule for later.

Posting partial results makes it almost impossible to track down later which games were supposed to be played, and we end up not knowing what we are missing. The goal here is to be as complete as possible.

Therefore, our policy regarding posting results from Volleyball Tournaments is as follows (and always has been):

We do not post any scores for any tournament until we know the entire schedule for the tournament first, or have the results for the entire tournament submitted.

If you Submit a Score thru the form above for your team only - it will not be posted until we have enough information for all of the tournament to see which games need to be added to the schedule.

If you hosted a tournament and have not yet sent in the results, please email [email protected] with the information either as an attachment or as the body of the email.



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Minnesota-Scores News

Spring Sports Update

March 27, 2020

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