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2021-22 Champions

Class Team Record Section
A Hayfield 32-2 1
AA Annandale 31-2 6
AAA Totino-Grace 26-6 4
AAAA Park Center 31-1 5
Class Team Record Section
A Hancock 30-1 6
AA Providence Academy 29-4 5
AAA Totino-Grace 23-8 4
AAAA Hopkins 26-1 6
Class Team Record Section
A Hermantown 29-2-0 7
AA Andover 25-5-1 7
Class Team Record Section
A Warroad 26-3-1 8
AA Andover 30-0-0 7

Class Team Record Section
A Jackson County Central 24-3 3
AA Simley 27-0 4
AAA St. Michael-Albertville 23-0 5
Class Team Record Section
9-Man LeRoy-Ostrander 12-2 1
A Mayer Lutheran 13-1 2
AA Chatfield 13-1 1
AAA Dassel-Cokato 14-0 2
AAAA Hutchinson 12-1 2
AAAAA Mankato West 13-0 2
AAAAAA Lakeville South 13-0 3
Class Team Record Section
A Mayer Lutheran 32-2 2
AA Sauk Centre 33-1 6
AAA Marshall 33-2 2
AAAA Wayzata 34-0 5
Class Team Record Section
A Southwest Christian 16-3-3 6
AA Orono 20-1-1 5
AAA Mounds View 16-5-0 5
Class Team Record Section
A Minnehaha Academy 16-2-2 3
AA Mahtomedi 17-2-2 4
AAA Stillwater Area 16-3-2 4


The New Site

Although the name and the historical data are the same - EVERY piece of code for the front end website and the back end database had to be created from scratch.  We expect issues and are working through them as they arrive and in order of importance, but for the most part the big stuff is done.


Logos and Team Page color changes are coming - the ability to change a logo in the previous database was lost about 6 years ago, would not be surprised if there are a hundred or so that are old/incorrect.  We sent out an email a couple years ago asking for updated logos from schools hoping to be able to refresh that at the time and have kept over 300 responses, however for the launch we had to import what was there before just so something was posted.  These changes might still be a little ways off as it is apparently an ordeal on the coding side.

Every day it's getting closer to correct - if you see something that isn't listed above but doesn't work please let us know using the Contact form above or comments@minnesota-scores.net.

Thanks again to everyone for the patience!

Minnesota-Scores News

Spring Sports Update

March 27, 2020

Entering Spring Sports schedules has been put on HOLD until further notice. Testing We will begin entering games once/if we find out the games will be played.

The Future of MN Scores

March 9, 2020

In the summer of 2003, Minnesota-Scores was a fledgling outfit just trying to post info using Excel spreadsheets to a static Yahoo web page...