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I get nervous asking people for money - definitely why I'm not in sales!  But when I go out to dinner and tip someone $5 for a $25 meal lately I've been thinking - did their bringing me a Diet Mountain Dew and a Fettucine Alfredo equal $5 worth of work?  Are we at Minnesota-Scores not doing more than $5/month of work for you the consumer and the High Schools in Minnesota?

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Seeding Tiebreaker Change

After reviewing the change to the Tiebreaker Margin regarding applying Head to Head (H2H) results that was implemented last year (2022-23), an adjustment has been made.

Teams will need to be within double the Tiebreaker Margin (2xTM) in order to apply a H2H result for seeding purposes This is an adjustment from H2H always being applied regardless of QRF value difference


QRF values are calculated.  Tiebreaker Margin is 4.5.  2xTM  = 9.0

Team A = 45.8
Team B = 34.7

Team B beat Team A during the regular season.  Last year, Team B would be seeded above Team A.  This season Team A retains the higher seed.

Team A = 45.8
Team B = 37.8

Team B beat Team A during the regular season.  Team B would be seeded above Team A both last year and this year.

All other parts of the seeding process remain the same.

For full information, please see Tiebreaker Margin link in the Seeding menu above.

No APP - no Feed

Gentle reminder that despite what it may look like, we do not have an App to access our database information.  If you are using an App that looks like it is us, it is not.  We will not receive any information you provide to the people running that Application.

All of our scores are sourced first by the AP, then by users sending the information to us through the website.

Any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Next QRF calculation

All sports calculate about 10 AM daily


Minnesota-Scores News

Spring Sports Update

March 27, 2020

Entering Spring Sports schedules has been put on HOLD until further notice. Testing We will begin entering games once/if we find out the games will be played.

The Future of MN Scores

March 9, 2020

In the summer of 2003, Minnesota-Scores was a fledgling outfit just trying to post info using Excel spreadsheets to a static Yahoo web page...