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If you need to use the contact form to send us info to adjust/add etc, please remember to include two things

The sport
Approximately 75% of all forms filled out are failing to tell us the sport they are referring to.  Kind of an important detail and we can't proceed with your info unless that is included.

Your contact info
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Second - the reason we ask for it is if we need clarification (see item one above about the sport).  If you don't provide your email address and we can't figure out what you're talking about, then the info you supplied is unusable.  Case in point:
We have received multiple emails this year, presumably from the same person that doesn't leave a name or any valid contact info - this is one of the emails received 5/13/2024 - it has no sport identified, and no contact information so we can get it correct on the site.

The details of the message are as follows:

Name: Missing Game

Email: [email protected]



Irondale and Roseville are each missing a game. They are listed as only playing once. They played eachother at Irondale on April 9 and at Roseville on April 30

4/9: Roseville 11 & Irondale 7

4/30: Irondale 3 & Roseville 4

Spring Tournaments

If you are hosting or even just playing in a tournament this spring - please send us the pre-tournament schedule, even if the tournament has taken place.  Click here to use our Comments email to get us the needed information.

It is our policy to not enter ANY scores for an individual team until we have the schedule for the entire tournament available and entered into the database for ALL the teams.  Without the schedule, we will miss which games should have been played, creating holes in the results for all the teams statewide.

If you send in just your scores - they will be held at Minnesota-Scores until the tournament schedule has been supplied and then entered at that time.



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Minnesota-Scores News

Spring Sports Update

March 27, 2020

Entering Spring Sports schedules has been put on HOLD until further notice. Testing We will begin entering games once/if we find out the games will be played.

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March 9, 2020

In the summer of 2003, Minnesota-Scores was a fledgling outfit just trying to post info using Excel spreadsheets to a static Yahoo web page...