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A few things we need to address to head off and or stop some of the emails we've been getting.

  • Nitty Gritty Report
    • The first in a blogging series this week discussing the QRF
  • The Line of Demarcation
    • Slotting teams 1-419
  • Two Common Questions Answered
    • Coming Soon
  • Monitoring a Section
    • Coming Soon
  • Seeding "What If's"
    • This topic covers most of those questions as well as others for all sports.
  • New Blog Post
    • Trying to help explain what happens when teams go up or down seemingly unexplainably each week in the QRF.



What's new in 2013-14

Exciting changes at!  Click each link below for information about what is new and/or different this year.



QRF Calculations

QRF Calculation this year for each sport are:

Sport Last Calculation Next Calculation
Girls Hockey 2/15 5:25 AM  
Boys Hockey 3/1 2:23 AM  
Boys Basketball 3/7 11:03 PM  
Girls Basketball 3/15 8:43 PM  

Braham's Rebekah Dahlman is, once again, Minnesota's all-time leading scorer in boys' and girls' basketball.  (Photo courtesy:

The Minnesota State High School League has now certified Rebekah Dahlman as the state’s career basketball scoring leader for both girls and boys with the 5,060 points she scored during her six years (2007-2013) at Braham High School.  Several sources outside of the League, as well as most media, recognized her achievement immediately following Braham’s appearance in the 2013 State Girls’ Basketball Tournament in which the Bombers finished as runners-up. She was even recognized by the League with a game ball at the time as the unofficial record holder.

High school league tackles football playoff, practice issues

The calendar said spring and the weather forecast said winter, but the talk was mostly football Thursday at the Minnesota State High School League board meeting.

A playoff proposal was rejected. A limit on summer contact practices drew support. And the board heard from five activities directors about whether to postpone wholesale changes to how teams build their schedules.

The rejected plan would have revamped the Class 6A section quarterfinals. The league’s football advisory committee sought to change the method of seeding teams and create a 32-team tournament bracket.


 Tiebreaker Margin 

 For seeding purposes, we've found a way to get teams to use the QRF and traditional tiebreakers together, the new Tiebreaker Margin link has all the info.

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“3-Minute Prep Update”

Available Mon-Fri by 10am

Tuesday, April 22 / Listen Here

Hardware Hank Athlete of the Week
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 -

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Jenna Gatz, sophomore, Belle Plaine girls’ track & field and Ed Olson, senior, Eagan baseball.




Scores Reported Through
April 22, 2014
651 of 793 (82.1%)
635 of 794 (80.0%)
Boys Lacrosse
0 of 0 (0.0%)
Girls Lacrosse
0 of 0 (0.0%)

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Tiebreaker Margin Tiebreakers
When teams need to use the Tiebreaker Margin for seeding, what should be the 2nd tiebreaker (after head to head)?
Overall Record
Section Record (with min.played)
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2013-14 QRF at State

Volleyball (29-4) 88%
Boys Hockey (18-4) 82%
Boys Soccer (10-4) 71%
Girls Hockey (15-7) 68%
Girls Soccer (10-5) 67%
Football (28-21) 57%
Girls Basketball (0-0) 0%
Boys Basketball (0-0) 0%
Boys Lacrosse (0-0) 0%
Girls Lacrosse (0-0) 0%
Softball (0-0) 0%
Baseball (0-0) 0%
2013-14 Total (110-45) 71%


Historical QRF

2005-06 Overall Results (216-88) 71%
2006-07 Overall Results (226-86) 72%
2007-08 Overall Results (218-90-1) 71%
2008-09 Overall Results (244-100) 71%
2009-10 Overall Results (235-106-2) 69%
2010-11 Overall Results (231-116-1) 67%
2011-12 Overall Results (178-101) 64%
2012-13 Overall Results (210-96-1) 69%
2013-14 Overall Results (0-0) 0%
Boys Lacrosse (9-2) 82%
Girls Hockey (124-45) 73%
Volleyball (193-71) 73%
Girls Lacrosse (8-3) 73%
Boys Basketball (206-79) 72%
Boys Hockey (125-51) 71%
Girls Basketball (198-89) 69%
Girls Soccer (54-25) 68%
Football (231-111) 68%
Softball (176-85) 67%
Boys Soccer (50-27) 65%
Baseball (155-106) 59%

Total - (1529-694) 69.5%
For detailed results of every sport click here.

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