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The Vikings announced Wednesday morning that RB Adrian Peterson has been placed on exempt list, keeping him off the team. (Photo courtesy:

In the aftermath of the Adrian Peterson arrest for “unreasonable discipline” of his son, and allegations of more incidences, we spoke with some Minnesota high school football coaches to hear what they discuss with their players about off-the-field conduct. Peder Naatz from Hawley said, “I think we talk about that almost daily. It’s as simple as the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated.” Blooming Prairie coach Chad Gimbel said it’s also a topic that is preached regularly throughout the year and also in the offseason. And with homecoming coming up, they’ll focus on one particular issue that has also been in football news lately. “Treat women with respect,” he tells his players, “go up and knock on the door, introduce yourself to her parents.” So the lessons are being taught, but let’s put that on the shelf for the time being and get ready for Friday night under the lights.

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District scheduling approved for football

League adopts District Football scheduling plan for 2015 and beyond

Minnesota State High School League schools should no longer have a reason to travel far out of state to find football opponents or play less than an eight-game regular season football schedule. The League Board of Directors today unanimously adopted a plan that places all member schools with football programs into Districts. The members of each district will divide the district into sub-districts, and then create a full schedule for each team. In nearly all cases the placement of schools will not negatively affect traditional rivalries or preferred opponents.

For several years League staff, school administrators and football coaches have sought a solution for schools that have had difficulty filling their regular season football schedule. A committee of coaches, athletic administrators and Board members developed a District Football Scheduling System that was approved by the Board in January. A separate District Placement Committee made up of coaches and administrators worked hard to group schools into districts based on enrollment, geography and like schools, while also considering individual school preferences for maintaining traditional opponents.

Football: Week 3

Over the past few years, concussions have been a hot topic, particularly in football. Here in Minnesota, athletes suffered about 3000 sports-related concussions last year alone. Nearly half of them, more than 1300, occurred on the football field. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, one in 20 resulted in severe symptoms that lingered for more than two weeks. There are ways to prevent brain injury, most importantly, proper blocking and tackling. But at Virginia Tech, they are trying to figure out which helmets provide the best protection against concussions. Keep it safe out there, boys, as we make our way through Week 3.

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Hardware Hank Athlete of the Week
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 -

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Jon Burlingame, senior, Park Rapids Area football and Kez Flomo, senior, Totino-Grace football.




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