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#23 Kaelynn Kudis | Grade: 11
11-27-2018South Ridge (W 71-50)71450.02728.61425.017
11-30-2018Cromwell-Wright (L 54-62)020.0010.04850.04
12-04-2018Eveleth-Gilbert (W 71-39)6966.711100.01250.014
12-06-2018Bigfork (W 74-35)91560.01333.37977.826
12-10-2018North Woods (W 81-49)81747.1000.05862.521
12-13-2018Deer River (W 71-44)81457.12450.022100.020
12-18-2018Carlton (W 81-33)61346.2020.03475.015
12-20-2018Duluth Marshall (W 72-49)3933.3020.088100.014
Season Totals479350.562030.0314568.9131
11-27-2018South Ridge (W 71-50)044733100
11-30-2018Cromwell-Wright (L 54-62)066740600
12-04-2018Eveleth-Gilbert (W 71-39)0771124200
12-06-2018Bigfork (W 74-35)311141030200
12-10-2018North Woods (W 81-49)4591082500
12-13-2018Deer River (W 71-44)167732200
12-18-2018Carlton (W 81-33)1671132200
12-20-2018Duluth Marshall (W 72-49)268813000
Season Totals1151627127162000
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