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Basketball (B) Stats
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12-04-2008Community of Peace Academy (L 41-75)000.0000.0000.04175
12-10-2008Hmong Academy (W 59-36)000.0000.0000.05936
01-12-2009Hmong Academy (W 54-35)000.0000.0000.05435
01-19-2009Shattuck-St. Mary's (W 48-38)000.0000.0000.04838
02-03-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 54-52)000.0000.0000.05452
02-06-2009North Metro Blazers (L 65-96)000.0000.0000.06596
02-10-2009North Metro Blazers (L 63-89)000.0000.0000.06389
02-13-2009Cannon Valley Lutheran (L 62-72)000.0000.0000.06272
02-17-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 69-68)000.0000.0000.06968
02-17-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 69-68)000.0000.0000.06968
Season Totals00 - 00 - 00 - 584629
12-04-2008Community of Peace Academy (L 41-75)00000000
12-10-2008Hmong Academy (W 59-36)00000000
01-12-2009Hmong Academy (W 54-35)00000000
01-19-2009Shattuck-St. Mary's (W 48-38)00000000
02-03-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 54-52)00000000
02-06-2009North Metro Blazers (L 65-96)00000000
02-10-2009North Metro Blazers (L 63-89)00000000
02-13-2009Cannon Valley Lutheran (L 62-72)00000000
02-17-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 69-68)00000000
02-17-2009Liberty Classical Academy (W 69-68)00000000
Season Totals00000000
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