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Football Scores for Saturday, November 26, 2011
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Air Force (CO)165
Colorado State (CO)165
at Colorado StateFINAL
Wyoming (WY)165
Boise State (ID)165
at Boise StateFINAL
San Diego State (CA)165
UNLV (NV)165
Illinois (IL)165
at MinnesotaFINAL
Michigan State (MI)165
Northwestern (IL)165
at NorthwesternFINAL
Ohio State (OH)165
Michigan (MI)165
at MichiganFINAL
Purdue (IN)165
Indiana (IN)165
at IndianaFINAL
Penn State (PA)165
Wisconsin (WI)165
at WisconsinFINAL
Clemson (SC)165
South Carolina (SC)165
at South CarolinaFINAL
Duke (NC)165
North Carolina (NC)165
at North CarolinaFINAL
Florida State (FL)165
Florida (FL)165
at FloridaFINAL
Georgia (GA)165
Georgia Tech (GA)165
at Georgia TechFINAL
Maryland (MD)165
North Carolina State (NC)165
at North Carolina StateFINAL
Virginia Tech (VA)165
Virginia (VA)165
at VirginiaFINAL
Vanderbilt (TN)165
Wake Forest (NC)165
at Wake ForestFINAL
Texas Tech (TX)165
Baylor (TX)165
at BaylorFINAL
Iowa State (IA)165
Oklahoma (OK)165
at OklahomaFINAL
Missouri (MO)165
Kansas (KA)165
at KansasFINAL
Louisiana-Lafayette (LA)165
Arizona (AZ)165
at ArizonaFINAL
Oregon State (OR)165
Oregon (OR)165
at OregonFINAL
Notre Dame (IN)165
Stanford (CA)165
at StanfordFINAL
UCLA (CA)165
USC (CA)165
Washington State (WA)165
Washington (WA)165
at WashingtonFINAL
Alabama (AL)165
Auburn (AL)165
at AuburnFINAL
Tennessee (TN)165
Kentucky (KY)165
at KentuckyFINAL
Mississippi (MS)165
Mississippi State (MS)165
at Mississippi StateFINAL
Cincinnati (OH)165
Syracuse (NY)165
at SyracuseFINAL
Rutgers (NJ)165
Connecticut (CT)165
at ConnecticutFINAL
San Jose State (CA)165
Fresno State (CA)165
at Fresno StateFINAL
Tulane (LA)165
Hawaii (HI)165
at HawaiiFINAL
New Mexico State (NM)165
Louisiana Tech (LA)165
at Louisiana TechFINAL
Nevada (NV)165
Utah State (UT)165
at Utah StateFINAL
East Carolina (NC)165
Marshall (WV)165
at MarshallF/OT
Memphis (TN)165
Southern Miss (MS)165
at Southern MissFINAL
Rice (TX)165
SMU (TX)165
Alabama-Birmingham (AL)165
Florida Atlantic (FL)165
at Florida AtlanticFINAL
Florida International (FL)165
Middle Tennessee (TN)165
at Middle TennesseeFINAL
Troy (AL)165
Western Kentucky (KY)165
at Western KentuckyFINAL
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