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Minnesota-Scores.net and MSHSL Agreement

Minnesota-Scores.net and the Minnesota State High School League have come to an agreement regarding using the QRF for the purposes of seeding MSHSL section competitions.
What does this mean?  A brief history.  Formulas have been used by MOST Sections for a number of years for seeding their teams.  In almost every case, the formula is something along the lines of "get X amount of points for beating a team in a certain Class, Y amount of points for losing to a team in a certain Class, then get the average and compare it to the averages of the other teams in your Section".  What was different from Section to Section were the specific numbers used for "X's" and "Y's".
This formula works fine, but the biggest flaw was that a team was given the same amount of points for beating a team that was 0-8 as it did for beating a team that was 7-1, and sometimes given fewer points for beating a very good team in a lower Class than beating a very bad team in a higher Class.
This is the first of two reasons the MSHSL wanted to step in, and using the QRF works perfectly for that.  Because Minnesota-Scores.net collects every score of every game, it is possible to tie win totals into the formulas the Sections were already using to do a better job of giving teams credit where credit was due, with the end result of a formula (the newly changed QRF with the margin of victory/defeat removed) that does a better job of seeding the teams.
The second reason for the MSHSL's desire to use the QRF was to make the aforementioned "X's" and "Y's" THE SAME for everybody in the State.  This puts everyone on an even playing field when it comes to seeding, no advantages or disadvantages for anyone.
We sat down and crunched the numbers using the new QRF with the MSHSL starting last December, and continued throughout the spring.  We compared how the new QRF would have seeded the football teams last season and found very similar results, with many examples of a lower seeded (but higher QRF) team advancing thru the playoffs.  At that time, Minnesota-Scores.net decided to remove the margin of victory/defeat from the formula and go ahead with the new QRF so the Sections can utilize it going forward as the Official Formula of the MSHSL.
As for the Sections, they still have a choice.  Each sport can decide to seed one of two ways:
1.  QRF
2.  Coaches Vote
So now our job is to dispell the myths and conspiracy theories about the QRF.  Please head over to our Boys Football Forum and let us know your thoughts.  If you'd like to contact us directly, feel free to do so using [email protected].  We'll be posting a Q&A type blog with the questions that come up, so PLEASE send in your feedback so we can address what everybody is thinking out there!
<EDIT 9/1> New Blog Post about the details of the QRF
Let the season begin!
Contact information for media requests:
Ryan Weinzierl
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