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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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COVID New QRF Parameters

The MSHSL has reduced the number of games a team can schedule in the regular season for all fall sports, so we need to adjust the parameters of the QRF to take this into account. An adjustment like this is actually part of the formula, since these parameters are already different from sport to sport for this exact reason.

Teams earn QRF points based on two basic factors - Strength of Schedule and Winning. The balancing point (and most of the disagreement) is trying to get even amounts of weight towards both, so the ratio for each of those parameters depends heavily on the total number of games played.

Boys and Girls Soccer QRF was calculated previously with the Non-COVID parameters, they were removed at 9 PM on 9/22.

The new parameters will be placed into the code by Wednesday night 9/23 - the first calculation should be Thursday morning, and will go retroactive to the beginning of the season - 10 AM on 9/24 - this was completed

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