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Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Basketball (B), Hockey (G)
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Sacred Heart

The Winners for 2-7-17: Jordan Tomkinson & Emma Barrick-Benson

By Ryan Phelps
Sacred Heart & Hutchinson

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Jordan Tomkinson, junior, Sacred Heart boys' basketball and Emma Barrick-Benson, junior, Hutchinson girls' hockey.



Name: Jordan Tomkinson

Position: G

Sport: Boys' basketball

Year: Junior

School: Sacred Heart

Information: Tomkinson could be called "January Jordan" for the numbers he's been putting up lately. He went on a run scoring 30+ points in 7-of-8 games, leading his team to victories over top section rivals.



Name: Emma Barrick-Benson

Position: G

Sport: Girls' hockey

Year: Junior

School: Hutchinson

Information: Sticking with the nickname theme, let's go with "Brick Wall" Barrick-Benson. Emma has a 1.57 goals against average with a .943 save percentage and has posted three shutouts. She's also helping grow the program by volunteer coaching for youth goalies and also raised money to buy mouth guards for every skater in the Hutchinson youth association.

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