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Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Football, Volleyball
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Benilde-St. Margaret's
North Woods

The Winners for 11-8-16: Alli Sandberg & Ricky Floyd

By Ryan Phelps
North Woods & Benilde-St. Margaret'

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Alli Sandberg, senior, North Woods volleyball and Ricky Floyd, senior, Benilde-St. Margaret's football.



Name: Alli Sandberg

Position: S

Sport: Volleyball

Year: Senior

School: North Woods

Information: Alli embodies the idea of the "Nuts & Bolts" athlete of the week with her work ethic and time spent on her craft. She spends countless hours, even during the off-season, improving her setting skills and overall teamwork.



Name: Ricky Floyd

Position: RB

Sport: Football

Year: Senior

School: Benilde-St. Margaret's

Information: Ricky ran up and down the field last week, to the tune of 325 yards on the ground with three touchdowns. He also added another score through the air from 60 yards out.

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