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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Basketball (B)
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Apple Valley
Lakeville North

A South Suburban Saturday

By TC Hoops Czar

Off to the south metro to see 3 South Suburban teams in quality non-conference games.  No concessions or JV games today, just solid hoops and good hoops at that.  OK, some Chick-Fil-A was snuck in before the late game but who s counting.  Our song of the day is in honor of The Iron Bowl played today.

Song of the Day
Lynryd Skynrd - Sweet Home Alabama

Number of Teams I ve Seen: 17 (8 courts, 2 new, 1 TV game)
10 days (8 possible game days), 9 games, 2 scrimmages added on, 1 TV replay included

Beverage Ticker: 24 ounces (190 calories) + 500 ml (210 calories) + 2 liters (0 calories) 

  • Pepsi: 12 ounces (150 Calories) + 500 ml (210 Calories)
  • Sprite: 12 ounces (140 Calories)
  • Water: 2 Liters (0 Calories)

Hot Dog Ticker: 0
Pizza Ticker: 3
Walking Taco Ticker: 1

Game 1: #5AAAA Wayzata at #8AAAA Lakeville North
This was the 1st matchup of ranked teams in AAAA this season and it did not disappoint.   Wayzata gives up the 1st 4 before going on a 14-2 run.  Jack Sowada with a slick up and under in the post to finish that.  14-6 Wayzata at 9:45.  Austin Slater over Nate Reuvers inside and a stickback at 7:45 for a 21-12 Trojans lead.  Then Reuvers inside out for 3 and buries another after a nice backscreen and then scores off the drive.  Reuvers with another drive and then he takes a rebound coast to coast for 2 more and drives for 2 free throws.  But Wayzata keeps the lead thanks to 4 guys with 4 3s in the last 1:30 of the half.  Sowada s 3 beats the horn for a 42-38 Wayzata lead at the half.

Reuvers opens the 2nd half with a pair of nice assists to spark a 10-1 Lakeville North run.  It takes Wayzata over 8 minutes to get their first field goal of the half.  But they re still within 3 when that field goal (a putback) scores with 9:34 left.  Slater with a pair of free throws to keep Wayzata within 4 with 3 minutes left.  Then its Reuvers in transition for 3 countered by Ryan Lindberg for 3.  Then Cal Pesola with a back-breaking oh no, whew it went in transition 3 to push the lead to 9 with 2 minutes left.  Sowada with a transition 3 of his own cuts the lead to 3 with 55 seconds left.  But Wayzata can t get another quick score.  Lakeville North seals it with 7 of 8 at the charity stripe.  Panthers win 81-73.  Nate Reuvers was a offensive monster (shoot, create, pull, attack rim etc) and finished with 29.  Carter Brooks adds 19, Cal Pesola with 3 triples and 17.  Gavin Baumgartner 4 1st half triples on his way to 18 points to lead Wayzata.  Jack Sowada adds 16, Austin Slater 13.

Game 2: Chaska at Eastview
We join the previously scheduled game already in progress with 4 minutes to play in the 1st half.  Sean Ryan and Mason Carpenter in foul trouble for Eastview but Martin Mitchell makes up for it with 21 in the 1st half.  41 all at the break.   The 2nd half was a great show for Chaska center Luke Roskam.  He scores the 1st 10 of the half for the Hawks. His post effort with 6:14 left would result in 1 of 2 free throws.  Chaska up 70-61.  Eastview would score the next 7 ending with a Connor Stevens 3 with 4:32 left.  But its Roskam who runs the floor for 2 layups and grabs his own miss for 2 more.  He is fouled on that putback with 1:34 left, misses that but Chaska gets the always criminal offensive rebound of a free throw and makes 2 more free throws to push their lead back to 7.  Chaska hangs on from their to win 85-83.  Luke Roskam all 19 of his points in the 2nd half and it was all pure hustle.  Running the floor rim to rim for layups (4 of them by my count) or pounding people inside and being unafraid of contact. You wish all your guys would play that hard.  Somebody put that 2nd half on a highlight reel, show it to the entire team on Monday and then give it to him at the team banquet.  Jameson Meyer leads the Hawks with 14 of his 20 in the 1st half.  Myles Hanson adds 16.  Martin Mitchell leads all scorers with 31 for Eastview.  Mason Carpenter adds 23 for the Lightning.

Game 3: Minnetonka at #1AAAA Apple Valley
To the nightcap across Cedar Ave.  Gary Trent had a school record 46 for Apple Valley vs Chanhassen in the season opener.  He picked right up where he left off with the 11 of the 1st 13 for the Eagles.  Cam Kirksey with an easy pick and roll hoop and a pair of dunks as Apple Valley pulled out to a 30-17 lead just inside the 10 minute mark.  Seth Coatta gets loose for a pair of 3s and nails a pullup and the lead is down to 36-32 just 3 minutes later.  Amar Miller trying to offset Trent s offense as there s no answer for him off the high screen.  52-42 Apple Valley at the half.

Apple Valley up 12 before an 11-2 Minnetonka run.  Miller with a pair of bombs as he scores 8 points in that run.  Kirksey with a 3 and a drive to the hoop but Coatta puts back a miss and Max Cooper grabs a miss for 2 free throws.  69-62 Apple Valley with 10:15 left.  But its too much Gary Trent from there.  3 straight pindowns for Trent result in 3 triples and he adds a pair of free throws.  Just like that Apple Valley is back up by 15, 80-65 with 8 minutes left.  Trent adds a nice tip dunk of a Tre Jones miss and Apple Valley goes on to win 96-79.  Gary Trent leads Apple Valley with 41 points and 9 rebounds.  Tre Jones 16 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists as he played very well again.  Amar Miller 33 points to lead Minnetonka.  Seth Coatta added 20 points.  I can understand giving up a big night to Miller.  But I didn t like the defense against Coatta, too many good looks for him.  Also, Apple Valley tended to give up on defense as soon as Miller cleared the screen.  That needs to be cleaned up before they play Hopkins in 2 weeks.  The idea of staying with Boone and Coatta and making Miller finish over a guy like Bertram is an idea that teams might be able to steal from.

Play of the Day
This is BLOB action courtesy of the always creative Eastview head coach Paul Goetz.  Box set.  Backside elbow comes off ball side elbow to catch.  Inbounder comes off the ball side post and elbow (double zipper) and flares away.  Ball is dribbled toward him.  Eastview will do 1 of 2 things here.  The backside block is a shooter, they ll either elevator him behind the dribble lead in quality misdirection action.  They ll also have that shooter set a diagonal upscreen for the remaining elbow guy for a post feed.  Always nice to see something different out of a box set rather than the throw it in and throw it back to the inbounder for a shot in either corner.

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