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Thursday, October 16, 2014
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Sartell-St. Stephen
Sauk Rapids-Rice
St. Cloud Apollo
St. Cloud Tech

8AAAAA Football Seeding - Applied Tiebreakers

By Minnesota-Scores

Every Section that uses the QRF for seeding needs to have the tiebreakers applied.  A list of how those tiebreakers were applied can be found here.


Tiebreaker Margin Explanation -

Tiebreaker Margin was 7.2

Original Order

Moorhead (103.2)
Sartell-St. Stephen (98.9)
St. Cloud Apollo (74.6)
Alexandria (62.6)
St. Cloud Tech (47.6)
Sauk Rapids-Rice (22.1)

    Moorhead vs Sartell-St. Stephen
        Head to Head - did not play
        Overall Percentage - tied (.875 to .875)
        Section Percentage - tied (1.000 to 1.000)
        QRF - Moorhead wins 103.2-98.9

1.  Moorhead
2.  Sartell-St. Stephen
3.  St. Cloud Apollo
4.  Alexandria
5.  St. Cloud Tech
6.  Sauk Rapids-Rice


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