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Monday, June 10, 2013
Lacrosse (B), Lacrosse (G)
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State Lacrosse Tournament


The Blake School girls, Eastview boys to defend titles; Tournament field doubled; Seven teams making first appearances
The Minnesota State High School League will conduct its seventh lacrosse tournament for girls and boys June 11, 13 and 15. For the first time, eight teams will compete for both boys and girls at both Chanhassen and Chaska high schools. There were 67 girls’ teams and 63 boys’ teams competing this
year. The Blake School girls will defend their title with the No. 1 seed and seek their fifth title. The Eastview boys will defend their title, but earned the No. 2 seed behind top-seeded Eden Prairie. Seven of the 16 tournament teams are making first tournament appearances, as might be expected with the expansion from four-team to eight-team tournaments.

Boys’ Highlights
The four quarterfinals will be played at Chaska High School on Tues., June 11. All subsequent rounds move to Chanhassen High School, with championship and consolation semifinals on Thur., June 13, and consolation title, third-place and championship games on Sat., June 15. The Eastview Lightning earned the No. 2 seed and will defend their 2012 title.

Totino-Grace, Fridley (9-5) vs. No. 3 Seed – Champlin Park, Brooklyn Park (13-2) at 1 p.m. The Eagles of Totino-Grace are making their second consecutive and third overall tournament appearance. The Eagles were beaten 11-5 and 13-4 by tournament qualifiers The Blake School of Minneapolis and Orono, respectively. Senior attacker Joshua Radjenovich leads the team with 36 goals and 7 assists. Senior attacker Joseph Hegedus has 42 points on 17 goals and 25 assists, and senior midfielder Makana Burke has 21 goals and 10 assists. Junior goalkeeper Jack Burn has played the most minutes, went 7-5, and made 72 saves. Totino-Grace finished third last year. The Rebels of Champlin Park have qualified for the first time. One of their two losses, 13-3, was against tournament qualifier Eden Prairie. The Rebels outscore opponents by nearly a 3-to-1 margin. Senior attacker Ryan McNeil leads the team with 85 points on 30 goals and 55 assists. Juniors Luke Dalman and Max Turgeon each have 36 points, Turgeon with 27 goals and Dalman with 22. Senior Joey Dokken and junior Bryce Plunkett equally share goalkeeping duties. Dokken has a .675 save percentage.

Orono (12-3) vs. No. 2 Seed. – Eastview, Apple Valley (12-3) at 3 p.m. The Spartans of Orono are making their first tournament appearance. They have defeated two tournament qualifiers, Totino-Grace of Fridley 13-4 and Rochester Mayo 13-5, and have lost 10-9 in overtime against The Blake School. Orono did not provide any team statistics, however, junior attacker Chandler Sampson has 45 goals and 23 assists on the season. Senior midfielder Alex Gross has 53 points on 37 goals and 16 assists, while junior attacker Parker Gross has 21 goals and 16 assists. Senior Jake Anderson minds the net with 140 saves and he gave up 77 goals. The Lightning of Eastview are making their second consecutive and fifth overall tournament appearance and seek to defend their 2012 title. Two of Eastview’s losses came against tournament opponents — 13-11 to The Blake School and 8-6 to Eden Prairie. Eastview provided no team statistics, however, senior attacker leads the team with 64 points on 44 goals and 20 assists. Senior attacker Tanner Hamill added 28 goals and 8 assists, while senior midfielder Mitch Beattie supplied 18 goals and 15 assists. Sophomore Jeremy LeClaire has the bulk of minutes in the net, made 97 saves and gave up 95 goals.

No. 5 Seed – The Blake School, Minneapolis (10-5) vs. No. 4 Seed – White Bear Lake Area (14-1) at 5 p.m. The Bears of The Blake School are making their third appearance and won the title in 2008. Three of their wins and one of their losses were against tournament opponents. Eden Prairie defeated them 14-3, but they defeated Orono 10-9 in overtime, defeated Totino-Grace 11-5 and defeated Eastview 13-11. The Blake School provided no team statistics, but junior attacker Grant Oie is the team leader with 60 points on 41 goals and 19 assists. Sophomore attacker Quinn Ellis contributed 52 points on 32 goals and 20 assists, while junior midfielder Bryan Kennedy added 22 goals and 22 assists. Ninthgrader Cade Gleekel has made 56 saves and gave up 58 goals. The Bears of White Bear Lake Area are making their third appearance and did not play any tournament qualifiers. No team statistics were provided, however, senior attacker Ted Ramert leads the Bears with 77 points on 54 goals and 23 assists. Senior midfielder Nick Truen provided 42 points on 19 goals and 23 assists, plus scooped up a teamleading 136 ground balls. Sophomore midfielder Connar Dehnert has 28 goals and 6 assists. Senior goalkeeper Douglas Ptacek has made 83 saves and gave up 36 goals.

Rochester Mayo (11-4) vs. No. 1 Seed – Eden Prairie (15-0) at 7 p.m. The Spartans of Rochester Mayo have qualified for the first time and lost to Orono 13-5 in their final regular season contest. Sophomore attacker Ethan Moore is the leading scorer with 41 goals and 25 assists. Senior attacker Michael Fix added 29 goals and 26 assists, while ninth-grade attacker Justin Rein contributed 17 goals and 2 assists. Senior goalkeeper Troy Penz has made 219 saves and has given up 103 goals. The Eagles of Eden Prairie are making their third consecutive and fifth oeverall tournament appearance and have finished as runners-up in all previous appearances. The Eagles were victors in three games against tournament qualifiers — 14-3 against The Blake School, 13-3 against Champlin Park, and 8-6 in their regular season finale against Eastview. Junior attacker Charlie Venable has a team-leading 55 points on 29 goals and 26 assists, while senior attacker Brooks Armitage is right behind him with 54 points on 30 goals and 24 assists. Senior midfielder Jake Woodring has 35 goals and 7 assists. Junior Max Fahey has the most minutes in goal, has 114 saves and has allowed only 47 goals. Neither team provided team statistics.

Girls’ Highlights
Only either The Blake School or Eden Prairie has ever won the girls’ championship. The Blake School Bears, the defending champions but No. 2 seed, have won four and the Eden Prairie Eagles, the No. 1 seed, have won two. All quarterfinals will be played on Tues., June 11 at Chanhassen high School, as will be the third-place and championship games. All other games will be played at Chaska High School. The championship and consolation semifinals will be played on Thur., June 13. The consolation title game and third-place and championship games will be played on Sat., June 15.

Elk River/Rogers/Zimmerman (13-3) vs. No. 3 Seed – Stillwater Area (14-2) at 1 p.m. The Elks co-op team is making its first appearance. They defeated tournament qualifier Champlin Park 12-11 and lost to tournament qualifier Robbinsdale Armstrong 14-10. Elk River/Rogers/Zimmerman has a 70-goal season advantage over opponents and more than half of the Elks’ goals have been unassisted. Two players have more than 100 points — sophomore midfielder Emily Antony has 114 on 77 goals and 37 assists, while senior midfielder Mackenzie Perna has 108 on 61 goals and 47 assists. Production falls significantly from there, with sophomore midfielder Alleah Baltzer scoring 26 goals with 5 assists. Senior Kim Scott has the most minutes in goal and her 127 saves represent 58 percent of the shots she faced. The Ponies of Stillwater Area, who finished fourth in 2012, are making their third consecutive and overall appearance. They were on the losing end of games against two tournament qualifiers, 13-8 against The Blake School and 16-6 against Eden Prairie. The Ponies have outscored opponents 294 to 117 and feature the state’s leading total scorer and goal-scorer, senior forward and midfielder Dana Almquist. She has 119 points on 93 goals and 26 assists. Junior forward Katherine Sheely added 48 goals and 7 assists, while sophomore forward Carter Sanderson has added 33 points on 26 goals and 7 assists. Senior Marie Bonine has the most minutes in the net and has a .539 save percentage with 117 saves.

Robbinsdale Armstrong (14-1) vs. No. 2 Seed – The Blake School, Minneapolis (13-3) at 3 p.m. The Falcons of Robbinsdale Armstrong are making their first appearance. They defeated Northwest Suburban Conference rivals and tournament qualifiers Champlin Park 14-5 and Elk River/Rogers/ Zimmerman 14-10. They opened their season with an 18-5 loss against The Blake School. The Falcons on average have outscored opponents by more than a 2-to-1 ratio. Junior midfielder Mari Verbeten leads Robbinsdale Armstrong with 63 points on 49 goals and 14 assists and also has a teamleading 42 ground balls. Sophomore forward Amy Master contributed 39 goals and 3 assists, while sophomore forward Hayley Holdahl added 28 goals and 10 assists. Sophomore Isabel Snow has the bulk of the minutes in goal and made 89 saves for a 48.6 save percentage. The defending champion Bears of The Blake School return in search of a fifth title in their seventh consecutive and overall appearance. Three of their victories, including their season-opening defeat of the Falcons, and one loss came against tournament qualifiers — 13-8 victories over both Lakeville North and Stillwater Area, plus a regular season-ending 10-7 loss to Eden Prairie. Junior midfielder Lydia Sutton leads the team with 48 goals and 24 assists. Sophomore forward Olivia Nolan added 38 goals and 21 assists, while junior midfielder Anne Slusser contributed 28 goals and 23 assists. Sophomore Hannah Magarian has the bulk of netminding time and made 61 saves for a 40.4 save percentage. The Blake School provided no team statistics.

Champlin Park, Brooklyn Park (9-5) vs. No. 1 Seed – Eden Prairie (15-1) at 5 p.m. The Rebels of Champlin Park have qualified for the first time. Two losses came against qualifiers Elk River/Rogers/Zimmerman and Robbinsdale Armstrong, 12-11 and 14-5, respectively. Champlin Park provided no team statistics, however, junior midfielder Marjorie McNamara is the leading scorer with 43 goals and 6 assists. Junior midfielder Delaney Everett added 34 goals and 5 assists, while junior midfielder Katie Elder added 23 goals and 5 assists. Junior goalkeeper Kelsey Spoden has the most minutes in net and made 132 saves for a 55.7 save percentage. The Eagles of Eden Prairie are making their seventh consecutive and overall appearance. They are pursuing their third title to add to championship trophies won in 2007 and 2009. Their last regular season game was a 10-7 defeat of The Blake School, and they beat Lakeville North 16-7 to open the season and also beat Stillwater Area 16-6. Senior midfielder Emma Claire Fontenot leads Eden Prairie with 82 points on 50 goals and 32 assists. Junior midfielder Anna Johnson has 41 goals and 12 assists, while sophomore forward Angie Heppelman added 30 goals and 9 assists. Senior McKenzie Johnson has 163 saves on the season and a remarkable .685 save percentage. The Eagles provided no team statistics.

No. 5 Seed – Burnsville (14-1) vs. No. 4 Seed – Lakeville North (12-4) at 7 p.m. The Blaze of Burnsville are making their debut appearance and in their only contest against any tournament qualifier defeated Lakeville North 11-10. Junior midfielder Lindsey Coleman leads the Blaze with 37 goals and 7 assists. Senior forward Madison Maas added 35 goals and 3 assists, while junior midfielder Briita Nelson has 34 points on an equal number of goals and assists. Senior goalkeeper Jaclyn Hinz has made 69 saves for a 51.5 save percentage. Burnsville provided no team statistics. Lakeville North is making its first appearance, although the Panthers played in 2010 as a co-op with sister school Lakeville South. Three of the Panthers’ four losses were against qualifiers — 16-7 to Eden Prairie, 11-10 to Burnsville and 13-8 to The Blake School. Lakeville North has outscored opponents by nearly 2-to-1 with 258 total goals on 460 shot attempts. Ms. Lacrosse nominee Hannah Koloski, a senior midfielder, leads the team with 77 points on 59 goals and 18 assists. Sophomore midfielder Logan Dobratz added 62 points on 34 goals and 28 assists, while junior forward Kacie Waagbo contributed 51 points on 40 goals and 11 assists. Senior goalkeeper Alyssa Friesen has a save percentage of .629 with 175 saves.

Background Information
While the premise is the same for both boys’ and girls’ games, there are also several key differences. The girls play 25-minute halves of primarily running time, and the game is played with 12 players: a goalkeeper, five offensive players, and six defenders. The girls’ game is also considered a non-contact game.
The boys have 10 players on the field at a time: a goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackers. They play four 12-minute stop-time quarters.
Players of both genders may pass, catch or run with the ball in their crosse.
Minnesota was the 22nd state to add a state lacrosse tournament in 2007.

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