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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Basketball (B)
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Apple Valley

AV's Tyus Jones talks, Bob Sansevere listens

By Bob Sansevere, Pioneer Press

Tyus Jones, right, the starting point guard for the Apple Valley High School boys' varsity basketball team, is encouraged by Rosemount coach Bryan Schnettler following the Eagles' 76-71 overtime loss in Rosemount on Tuesday January 12, 2010. (Richard Marshall/Pioneer Press)

By Bob Sansevere, Pioneer Press
I've been friends with a lot of my (Apple Valley) teammates since I was in kindergarten or younger.

I'm not going anywhere. A lot of people put Hopkins in the category that they recruit. My older brother (Jadee) graduated from Hopkins, so we know coach (Ken) Novak (Jr.) and the whole coaching staff there really well. They don't recruit, to be honest. They do not recruit. The players who transfer there, that's on their own. The coaches do not go out and look for players. I do plan on being here (at Apple Valley High School). I'm not transferring to Hopkins. A lot of people have asked me that.

I'm a very blessed child. I've been very blessed with a great talent. I've had a lot of experiences that a lot of kids my age don't have. I've had a blessed life.

When I really realized I was blessed was last year.

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