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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Basketball (B)
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Apple Valley

Tyus Jones: Close encounters of the Coach K kind

By Myron P. Medcalf, Star Tribune
North Augusta, S.C.

Tyus Jones (5). Photo by Rainier Ehrhardt, Special to the Star Tribune, courtesy startribune.com.

The middle-aged men in khaki shorts and polo shirts with team logos -- Thad Matta, Tom Izzo and Jim Boeheim among them -- whispered to one another whenever 15-year-old Tyus Jones whipped a pass across the court or zipped by a defender.

They proved to be more than casual admirers.

In the days after last week's Peach Jam AAU tournament -- in which Jones scored 31 points in a critical game and accumulated assists throughout the four-day event -- he received scholarship offers from Ohio State, Michigan State, Marquette, Providence, Arizona and Iowa State, adding to earlier tenders from Iowa, Minnesota and Baylor. Humbling, he said, but a phone call with Duke's Mike Krzyzewski floored him.
"It was crazy, I couldn't really believe I was talking to him. It probably took like half the day to really sink in," said Jones, who will be a sophomore at Apple Valley. "I just kept saying to my mom...

CLICK HERE to read the full article. Courtesy: Star Tribune

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