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Friday, August 22, 2008
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Apple Valley
Bloomington Kennedy
Lakeville North
Lakeville South
Park Center
South St. Paul
St. Thomas Academy
White Bear Lake

On the Air; Week 1

August 28 7:00 PM Msbnchannel1 Rosemount vs. Lakeville South

August 28 7:00 PM Msbnchannel2 Bloomington Kennedy vs. Apple Valley

August 28 7:00 PM Msbnchannel3 Park Center vs. Andover

August 28 7:00 PM Msbnchannel4 Eden Prairie vs. Bloomington Jefferson

August 29 7:00 PM Msbnchannel1 Saint Thomas Academy vs. South St. Paul

August 29 7:00 PM Msbnchannel2 Eastview vs. Burnsville

August 29 7:00 PM Msbnchannel3 White Bear Lake vs. Eagan

August 29 7:00 PM Msbnchannel4 Minnehaha Academy vs. Saint Bernard's 

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