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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Soccer (B)
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Another Minor in the Majors

By Ryan Phelps
Indianapolis, IN

Abdusalam Ibrahim, 15, is not a well-known name in the soccer world, but that could change in a few years.  On Friday, the former Richfield High School standout was the 14th player taken in the Major League Soccer draft in Indianapolis by FC Dallas.


Ibrahim signed an MLS contract on Jan. 1; he said it was for six figures. Mike Harris, his high school coach, said it was a five-year, $100,000-a-year deal.  The money will come from a program called Generation Adidas.


Ibrahim, who was born in August 1991 in Ethiopia, is the second-youngest player taken in the 12-year history of the MLS draft. Freddy Adu was 14 in 2004.


In the fall of 2005, Ibrahim led Richfield to the Classic Suburban Conference title, then followed his soccer dreams. In January 2006, he moved to Bradenton, Fla., after being selected to join the under-17 U.S. national team that trains there.


Ibrahim, whose parents, three brothers and a sister still live in the Twin Cities, started playing soccer at about age 5 in Ethiopia with a ball they made out of plastic.


After other family members arrived in Minnesota first, Ibrahim followed in 2003.

When he joined the Richfield varsity team, Ibrahim was maybe 5 foot 3, 90 pounds and only 12, Harris said, but was placed in the ninth grade because of an age mix-up.

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